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The Secrets We Bury by Stacie Ramey–Wow!

The Secrets We Bury by Stacie Ramey–Wow!

Dylan Taggart is on the run in Stacie Ramey‘s newest young adult book. It’s a gem!! THE SECRETS WE BURY. You can preorder now. (It won’t be out until March 2018 . . . bummer . . . but I found a secret copy to read!) Here’s a teaser: “In an effort to escape his family, Dylan sets out on the Appalachian trail—but he can’t escape his past—or his secrets,” or a girl, hiking alone, called the Ghost.

This book is full of hurt and heart and has a special hero–Dylan Taggart. He’s a boy on the autism spectrum and watching him navigate the trail, as well as issues of his heart, provides a fascinating look at a special person. If you’re a lover of show THE GOOD DOCTOR, or the book THE CURIOUS INCIDENT OF THE DOG IN THE NIGHT-TIME, you’ll love this. Don’t wait. Order now!

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