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First Review in for MOUSELING’S WORDS!

First Review in for MOUSELING’S WORDS!

The first review of MOUSELING’S WORDS came out from Kirkus, and it’s a great one! (Already! The book won’t be published until Dec. 5. But you can preorder now.) A snippet here: “The tale is well-paced with just the right amount of gentle adventure to appeal to young humans discovering the world of words and books for themselves. Encouraging, lovely words.”




Also, I love the descriptive text the publisher has included:


“In this lively introduction to the pleasure of words, a timid young mouse’s first trip out of the nest becomes a reading adventure. Mouseling has grown up surrounded by words, scraps of paper torn from menus. Once he leaves the nest, he decides that discovering words is his mission in life and finds more words than he can count, spelling and sounding them out, thrilled by each one. The library offers a treasure trove of words, also danger: a cat. When Mouseling realizes that the cat would rather know what’s in the books than eat him for dinner, he starts reading aloud to the cat–the best gift he can give in exchange for the world of stories.”


Can’t wait for it to get here–December 5–just in time for holiday gift-giving.