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Missing Dad

Missing Dad

Dad in hat, about 1949


A poem about traveling to Kentucky for Dad’s funeral.  Miss him!



December is leafless—

and the ridges south of the river reveal scars.

The snow resting on their flanks is dry and airy.

It slides off bony-shouldered outcroppings

like a thin hospital gown, and gathers in the folds

of the mountains.


We are following the rail lines south.

The rail lines follow the river.

The river follows the curve of mountains.

The mountains follow the corded veins of coal.


We drive into the coming night

following Father’s coffin home.

Lights flicker on in the coalfields.

Along the railroad track cracked coal,

as sharp as a man’s dying, await loading.


I trace these mountains against my heart.

They are old and crook-backed,

and as knotted with sorrow as my father’s hands.

I push my knuckles—hard—into my chest.

This night is overwhelmed by hush;

the faded hospital gown slipping,

the breath falling . . . and falling away.


Author Turf Blog: a new interview

Author Turf Blog: a new interview


Brittney Breakey has posted a new interview. She had some fun (silly) questions, as well as some serious ones. It was a pleasure to do it. Hope you enjoy!


Click here to read the interview.



Tuning Your Ear to the Sound of Poetry

Tuning Your Ear to the Sound of Poetry



Hey!  I just wanted to shout out that a short blog post I wrote about training one’s ear to the music found in poems is up at the RhyPicBoMo site at:  http://angiekarcher.wordpress.com/  .   (That’s:  Rhyming Picture Book Month site.) Scroll down a little below the information about SCBWI.



(And write a poem today to celebrate National Poetry Month!)