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Uh-Oh! Book Trailer . . . Enjoy!

Uh-Oh! Book Trailer . . . Enjoy!
Uh-Oh!  by Shutta Crum

by Shutta Crum

In honor of my newest book’s launch—and the start of beach season . . .  here’s a little trailer ya’ll might enjoy!


Patrice Barton’s art is sweet and fun at the same time. What a talent . . . and drawing babies is not easy! They are always on the move and their round faces do not have all the “character” lines and hollows we accumulate as we age.


Below is the Trailer. I suggest you click on the angled brackets in the lower right corner and watch it full screen with the audio up. (The music is fun, too!)








UH-OH! (It’s coming April 14th . . .)

UH-OH! (It’s coming April 14th . . .)



Uh-Oh! illustrated by the hugely talented Patrice Barton (published by Alfred A. Knopf) will be released on April 14th. The first early reviews are starting to come out. And Kirkus Reviews (Thank you!)  says: “Though there are as many ‘Uh-oh’ books out there as there are fishies in the sea, this petite charmer is a fine addition to the beach-time shelf.” And I love what they have to say about Patrice’s illustrations:  “Barton’s pencil sketches give the storytelling its heart, her two heroes perpetually wide-eyed, and the occasional jolt of realism . . . is as bracing as the sea air.”



MINE! was also illustrated by Patrice. I am so pleased to, soon, have another book out with this wonderful artist. Just look at that cover! You can pre-order now, and the book should appear in bookstores on April 14th.


Happy dancing,


32 Expert Reviewers on How to Choose a Good Book

32 Expert Reviewers on How to Choose a Good Book

A fun announcement!

Here’s a silly (and informative) video on HOW TO CHOOSE A GOOD BOOK. 32 “expert” (kid) reviewers give you the low-down on choosing good books by answering five simple questions.: How does the book look? How does it smell? How does it taste? How does it sound? How does it feel?

Check it out!!!! (And leave a comment, if you liked it.) And feel free to share the link . . .



 Or feel free to click here to view it on YouTube:

How to Choose a Good Book


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