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Book Beat’s 30th Anniversary a Blast!

Book Beat’s 30th Anniversary a Blast!

Book Beat in Oak Park, Michigan celebrated 30 years of serving people with care and a deep knowledge of books, and art. Many authors, artists, and some musicians helped Carey and Colleen celebrate. Here are some pics!

  Jean Alicia Elster and me.

    Nancy Shaw, Angela Verges, and me.

    Christopher Paul Curtis and me.

Congrats to Book Beat!!



Book Beat Bookstore Celebrates 30 Years with a Bevy of Guest Authors and Artists

Book Beat Bookstore Celebrates 30 Years with a Bevy of Guest Authors and Artists

Book Beat’s 30th Anniversary Party!

On Sunday, August 19th from 12-5 PM, the Book Beat will be  celebrating it’s 30th anniversary and is planning a party for its  patrons and the community. The Book Beat is located at 26010 Greenfield,  in Oak Park, Michigan. A large group of guest authors and artists will  be in attendance to sign and meet guests including; David Small, Dan Austin, Nancy Shaw, Paul Vachon, Kathryn Madeline Allen, Jean Alicia Elster, Dan Ewald, Tracy Gallup, Kathe Koja, Rick Lieder, Cyd Moore, Denise Crittendon, Susan Whitall, Leni Sinclair, Gary & Laura Grimshaw, Tracy Bilen,  John “Detroit Blogger” Carlisle, Amy Ackley, Denise Brennan-Nelson, Bill Rauhauser, David Tarver, Barbara Kellom, John Martin.

There will be live music, artists, authors, refreshments, prizes, a  Mexican taco truck and an outdoor tent to help contain the celebration.  The party is free and open to the public – come celebrate with your  locally-owned, independent bookstore. A more complete listing and  schedule with author signing times will be issued shortly.

In 2012, at Book Expo in New York, the Book Beat was recognized by the National Women’s Book Association and awarded the Pannell Prize, for being one of the best general bookstores in the country specializing in children’s books.


I’ll be there, too!

(announcement artwork by Tracy Gallup)