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Making it in the Middle: a new post at Literary Rambles

Making it in the Middle: a new post at Literary Rambles


Excited that a new post of mine is now up at Literary Rambles! It’s all about my thoughts as a mid-lister, and what that means to an on-going career as a writer of children’s books. There’s also a book give-away included. So enter now, before January 21 st!

Check it out at: LITERARY RAMBLES.








               (Win a copy of William and the Witch’s Riddle at Literary Rambles . . . )

                                    (Also catch some recent interviews with me at: Deborah Kalb’s site and Michelle Bradford’s site.)

New Interview with Shutta

New Interview with Shutta



Recently, I had a fun time with questions asked by Deborah Kalb for her website. Check it out for some insight into the new book WILLIAM AND THE WITCH’S RIDDLE and into the way I write.




Shutta’s Scholarship Solution to the Winter Doldrums

Shutta’s Scholarship Solution to the Winter Doldrums


Hey, All!

By way of saying a big THANK YOU! to all my friends in SCBWI, I’m again (for the 7th year) offering a paid scholarship to my Michigan SCBWI peeps for early-bird registration to the NY Winter Conference at the Hyatt Regency Feb. 10-12, 2017. ($430) In addition, our MI-SCBWI chapter will pay for transportation up to $400. What a deal!

  See the registration rules and deadlines here.

Early -bird registration opened October 24, 2016 and will stay open until January 15, 2017. See the national SCBWI site at: http://www.scbwi.org for details. You never know what magical thing might happen to you there!

Kelly Barson, one of my winners said: “Ever since I joined SCBWI, I’ve wanted to attend a national conference. The timing seemed perfect for 2012, but my bank account disagreed. Shutta’s generous scholarship made my dream trip a reality.”

Any questions, feel free to contact Shutta at:  shutta  AT  shuttacrum  DOT com  or Co-Regional Advisor Leslie Helakoski at: Leslie AT helakoskibooks DOT  com .

cropped-bigstock_Writing_Kid_489464.jpg   Happy writing (and conferencing)!  Shutta