Many schools/libraries use Ingram, Follet’s, Ebesco, Scholastic, or another jobber such as Baker and Taylor to order books.


Feel free to do this, or you may want to go directly to the publishers and get a better discount. Either way, if you are arranging a program for a school, I suggest using order forms that go home with the kids at least five weeks in advance. [I’ve included a sample order form you may use–or adapt to include only the titles you plan to offer.] (SAMPLE ORDER FORM)


You may design your own order form, if you wish. Also, if you contact me via email at shutta @ (no spaces) I can send a form as an MS Word.doc attachment which can be easily manipulated.


Forms are then turned in to you and you can order the number of titles needed using any of a number of methods. (See below.) Try to get your orders in to the publishers/bookstore/supplier at least four weeks before my program so we can be sure the books will be there for me to sign.


As a school/library, you will get a good discount from the publishers. You will need to decide how much you want to charge the students. Some schools pass on the discount to the students. Some schools sell the books for a little more than the discount to either round the numbers off, or to bring in a little money for future school programs. That is up to you. I do not set the prices for the books.



I.  (NOTE: WHO TOOK MY HAIRY TOE? andFOX AND FLUFF and THE HOUSE IN THE MEADOW are out of print and unavailable from the publisher. You may find a few copies still at Barnes & Noble, Bound to Stay Bound, BWI, B & T, Scholastic, or on


II.  ALL ON A SLEEPY NIGHT and CLICK! are available through Fitzhenry and Whiteside (a Canadian company). My contact there says: The best way for teachers to order books is to call the toll free line 800-387-9776 and get customer service.  You will need to give her a school Tax I.D. number or a social security number to order. (THESE ARE NEW CHANGES SINCE 9/11 to get books across the Canadian border and are simply to insure that you are indeed a legitimate agency or US citizen.) If you are not asked for this when you call, please inquire about it—it may have slipped their minds to tell you about this. You should mention that the books are for an author event, and the date of the event. NOTE: these two titles will take a little longer to get to you! (Alternatively, these titles are also available online, or through local booksellers.)


III.  A FAMILY FOR OLD MILL FARM and MY MOUNTAIN SONG and SPITTING IMAGE and THUNDER-BOOMER!:These are available from customer service at Clarion Books (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt) at 1-800-225-3362. Please indicate the date of the program. You might want to do a separate order flyer for upper grades only on SPITTING IMAGE as that is recommended for 5th to 8th grades.


IV.  BRAVEST OF THE BRAVE andTHOMAS AND THE DRAGON QUEEN, and MINE!:  These titles are available by calling Knopf (a division of Random House) at 1-800-726-0600. NOTE: You may have to ask for the “library bound” edition of BRAVEST as the standard bound may be out of print.


V.  Alternatively, for all titles there may be supplies online at Amazon, or Barnes & Noble with good discounts and sometimes no cost for shipping if you order enough. All of the major chain stores and online stores are pretty good about shipping quickly, and allowing returns of unsigned books.


**Or you may want to consider working through a local bookstore—it supports local business and builds community relationships. Please give your local bookseller at least three weeks to a month to get the titles in.


NOTE:If we do a book signing, it is best to have each child’s name on a slip of paper, or on the order forms, in his/her books and I will sign between sessions. The books can later be distributed—this is better than having the kids wait in line.


*Also, I tend to find that kids and many of the teachers want to order the books after they’ve seen my presentation or when they see others going home with signed books. It is always better to order a few more than you need. Most publishers will let you return all unsold/unsigned books.