1. Wordle site: A site that creates beautiful word clouds from text you input (a favorite poem, song, or random words and phrases). Then you can choose the kinds of colors and arrangements you like. It’s word art for those of us who love playing with words. (You will need to allow Java scripting and have the latest version of Java on your computer.)


2. Recipes! Cooking with books and kids: here are a couple of recipes to accompany some of my books. Love those Hairy Toe Cookies! (These activities and pages were designed and written by author Hope Vestergaard.)



3. A Family for Old Mill Farm Word Search.


4. Make your own wordsearch puzzles from your favorite books, stories and poems.


5. Click on one of the Mad Libs buttons here to create your own zany story. (Click here to read my Mad Libs T-Rex story!)


6. Click here to get a reader’s theater script of MY MOUNTAIN SONG, adapted by Toni Buzzeo for publication in Library Sparks Magazine.