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10 Things About Me

10 Things About Me

By way of being thankful for the zany life I’ve led–and loved, even in the bad times–here are ten things you might not know about me . . . What about you? Fess up!!





1. I once mooned a neighbor–admittedly, I was only about six. Still. The desire to thumb my nose, err . . . butt at authority came early to me.


2. I once climbed a tree and was too scared to come down. Dad FINALLY rescued me after what seemed like hours but was more probably about ten minutes.


3. I HATE peanut butter and roasted peanuts. LOVE raw peanuts. Go figure.


4.  I once threw all my (first) husband’s things out a 2nd story window. Including ripped photos. (I bet you know the end of that story.)


5. I once wrote a naughty word on a store front in soap at Halloween. Caught–of course! Had to wash it off. But you see, words were important to me. I was an author at an early age!


6. I read all the way through our set of Golden Book Encyclopedias. (Mom bought one a week when she went grocery shopping.) We had few books in our home, and the ones we did have were loved.
7. I once wore a blouse inside out to a big conference breakfast in NY where I met my editor for the first time. Tons of agents and editors there. It wasn’t until later that I discovered it, when a woman on the street asked me why my blouse was inside out! (Never get dressed in the dark.) Still surprised, to this day, that I ended up with an agent!


8. I HATE bananas. Even as a kid. But I LOVE avocados.


9. Poetry gave me my life!  I met my husband when he was co-editing a small press poetry journal that accepted some of my poems and then invited me to a critique group.  (Husband #2–and going on 41 years.) He, in turn, gave me my two step-children and all my grandchildren. One never knows where the love of words will take you. It gave me much that I love.


10. Shutta was my dad’s nickname. (My real name.) Crum is my maiden name. I didn’t change it when I married Gerry. Heck, I figured nothing goes with Shutta anyway, I might as well keep Crum. Dad got his nickname from being told to shut-up all the time. (This I believe is the real story!) He was the baby of 12, and in order to be noticed he talked. He was a big talker all his life. I miss him.


And now, I’m thankful for all that and for the people in my life. What about you?


Shutta’s Scholarship Solution to the Winter Doldrums!

Shutta’s Scholarship Solution to the Winter Doldrums!

If you are interested in attending the 2018 SCBWI Winter Conference in New York City, but feel you can’t afford it—think again. The scholarship I fund will send someone off to the wintery wilds of New York from February 2-4, 2018. And to top it off, SCBWI-MI will pay the awardee’s airfare! You can’t beat that!


I will pay the full early-bird registration fee for a Michigan SCBWI member to attend. The qualifying rules are listed on the application form which is posted on the Michigan SCBWI website and HERE.  Applications will be taken now up until midnight Oct. 20, 2018. Due to changes in the format, attendance will be limited and recipients will need to act fast if chosen.  So make your decision now! The winner will be drawn at random and notified soon after the 20th.


SCBWI-MI will reimburse the scholarship winner for the cost of airfare. (There will be a cap on the maximum coverage of the airfare.)


The conference is Feb. 2-4, 2018. Early bird registration starts in October. See the national SCBWI site at:  for conference details. You never know what magical thing might happen to you there!


Any questions, feel free to contact Shutta Crum, or coRA Leslie Helakoski at: leslie  AT helakoskibooks  DOT  com , or check out the application at the Mich-SCBWi webpage.


Past winners (since 2011) have included: Amy Nielander, Kelly Barson, Vicky Lorencen, Elizabeth McBride, Taraneh Matloob, Lindsey McDivitt, and Andrea Donahoe.



I hope you take advantage of this opportunity!




SCBWI: Book Blast for William and the Witch’s Riddle

SCBWI: Book Blast for William and the Witch’s Riddle

Society of Children’s Book Writers & Illustrators: Book Blast season:  here’s mine!


Author(s): Shutta Crum
Illustrator(s): Lee Wildish
Publisher: Alfred A. Knopf (Random House Children’s Books)
ISBN-13: 9781101932698
Release Date: September 13, 2016
Category: Middle Grade



A charming re-imagination of Sleeping Beauty in which a boy must solve a witch’s riddle in order to save his family and end a centuries-long curse.

William and his little brother, Pinch, have been left alone ever since their mother disappeared and their father went to look for her. When William is visited by a witch named Morga, it seems their lives might be in danger unless they help the witch solve a riddle and find a dark family heirloom.

William sets out on a quest into the heart of the Old Forest. There his mother rests in the sleep of an ancient curse, her only companions an odd fellow who wakes up a different size every day and a tiny dragon.

. . .