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New Interview with “Yours Truly”

New Interview with “Yours Truly”
yellJanice Broyles hosts a Monday interview with people in the industry. And I am fortunate enough to be included today, January 18th, 2016.
Stop by her site for some insight into what I’ve learned thus far as a writer at: .  (It’s also available through a link on my FB page at: .)
Enjoy! (And do share…)


Janice says:

“Oh my word, Shutta Crum stopped by my website

for an interview! So happy!  She is an award-winning

author of several books (picture books, middle grade

novels, and fantasies)! I am so thankful she took time

out to offer some sage advice to us aspiring authors.

Check out today’s Monday Meet-Up (click on the link

at the top of the page): .”


Happy Writing in 2016!


In Honor of Father’s Day: God and the Swearing Book

In Honor of Father’s Day: God and the Swearing Book

In honor of Father’s Day, I offer a link to an article about my favorite two reference questions. What good dads these two fathers were! It was originally published in the LAST WORD column of CHILDREN & LIBRARIES magazine, 2009.





My Dad:  Melvin Crum