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The MAZZA Museum Exhibit in Michigan, 2017

The MAZZA Museum Exhibit in Michigan, 2017

So excited! The MAZZA is coming to the Saline District Library, Saline, Michigan. The MAZZA Museum houses “the world’s first and most diverse collection of original artwork by children’s book illustrators. Through these select pieces you will encounter the creative processes behind picture book art — cover work, color separations, editorial notes on preliminaries, character development sketches, preparatory storyboards, and much more.”

June 3rd through Aug. 26th. Make it a destination this summer!

I’m certainly going!
(And the library itself is a small gem.)


New Interview with “Yours Truly”

New Interview with “Yours Truly”
yellJanice Broyles hosts a Monday interview with people in the industry. And I am fortunate enough to be included today, January 18th, 2016.
Stop by her site for some insight into what I’ve learned thus far as a writer at: .  (It’s also available through a link on my FB page at: .)
Enjoy! (And do share…)


Janice says:

“Oh my word, Shutta Crum stopped by my website

for an interview! So happy!  She is an award-winning

author of several books (picture books, middle grade

novels, and fantasies)! I am so thankful she took time

out to offer some sage advice to us aspiring authors.

Check out today’s Monday Meet-Up (click on the link

at the top of the page): .”


Happy Writing in 2016!


In Honor of Father’s Day: God and the Swearing Book

In Honor of Father’s Day: God and the Swearing Book

In honor of Father’s Day, I offer a link to an article about my favorite two reference questions. What good dads these two fathers were! It was originally published in the LAST WORD column of CHILDREN & LIBRARIES magazine, 2009.





My Dad:  Melvin Crum